My thoughts on the Top 5 Common Bridal Foundations

April 01, 2019

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My thoughts on the Top 5 Common Bridal Foundations

There is always so much talk around wedding makeup, what you should/shouldn't do, what to wear and what not to wear. So I thought I would give my opinion from experience on the common top bridal foundations.

As a side note the one thing you don't want is to change your makeup too drastically as you want to still feel like you. Your makeup artist of course can assure that you will be wearing the right bits suited to your skin however don't be afraid to let them what currently works for you.

I have given my top tips on choosing your makeup artist here and also my top tips on preparing for your bridal trial here. 


Sculpted Second Skin 

When I was creating this foundation I had been doing bridal makeup but about 5 years. I knew creating this foundation I wanted it to be one that all the bridal party could use - bride, mother of the bride, name it. Its lightweight to the point that you wont feel it on you, but it gives coverage thats just right and buildable. It has spf 50 without the flashback and it comes in a handy tube if you wanted an easy wear for the day / wedding weekend.

I have tried and tested this on lots of gorgeous brides and many had requested to wear it before I even started! 

Personally: I created this is a matte and dewy version and I actually use both. The matte gives me a little more coverage when I want it but its talc and oil free so it wont get 'shiny' but the dewy is a gorgeous luminous finish if I wanted a summer wedding look!

MakeUp Artist Opinion: It photographs so lovely despite the SPF and like I said is buildable so if you wanted to top up after the dinner as its mineral it will layer nicely without caking or flaking. The tones are not too yellow or too pink either which is a great mix for your kit. Like I said earlier in the blog its an easy one for all the bridal party regardless of age or skin type.

Armani Luminous Silk 

I've used this in my kit for years and it is gorgeous, like pure silk on the skin. It goes on lovely and definitely suits a more normal skin type. Here are my two takes on it; 

Personally: I don't think it suited my skin because I felt it sat very dry around the centre of my face and slightly highlighted my pores. Aside from that I still wore it a lot and enjoyed wearing it. It's really lovely and lightweight it just didn't last as long on me.

MakeUp Artist Opinion: This foundation photographs beautifully and a lot of my brides have worn it and absolutely loved it. It doesn't contain SPF so you need to incorporate this in somewhere else but it definitely suits the more normal to dry skins out there. Anytime I have used this it's been at a trial so the bride can test the longevity because I wouldn't trust it to last all day on all skin types! 

Skin Types Most Suited To: Normal to dry but it is oil free for oiler skins too.


NARS Longwear Radiant 

NARS are a great brand of foundation and they have three foundations in their range.

Personally: I loved Sheer glow and the dewiness of it. I love the longwear radiant because it's staying ability is more suited to the oily skinned person out there, with that comes more coverage which I personally like! 

MUA Opinion: This brand covers all - the dry, the oily and the in between. They all photograph beautifully but dont contain SPF. Some can feel a little heavy depending on how much you apply or if you're used to our Second Skin foundation. They have a great range to choose from in terms of shades. Longwear Radiant has the most coverage of the range and definitely lasts the longest but it is a little heavy. The only two foundations that I think have a longer staying power is MAC or Estee Lauder, however, I believe our Second Skin rivals all and its talc free which is a big bonus!

Skin Types Most Suited To: Sheer Glow normal to dry. Longer Radiant all skin type but oily need to powder. All Day Luminous normal to oily.



MAC Studio Fix;

This is what I call my 'glam' foundation in my kit. It has a huge range of shades and you can always mix to create your own perfect shade. 

Personally: I like this foundation but the skin should be prepped well for it. Its definitely for an oilier skin so it suits me on days when I want it to last and be glam all day but it can be a little drying. A little goes a long way as its powder based and but it does last well. You can always lighten it by applying a base like our Beauty Base into it.

MUA Opinion: Its a great foundation for normal to oily skins who want coverage. It is a more matte coverage and can sit on a dry skin unless its prepped well. It lasts well and you can avoid the cake-y coverage when applied in small amounts and well!

Skin Types Most Suited To: Normal to oily skin. If you're drier skin you just need to prep the skin well.



Estee Lauder Double Wear;

I dont really carry this foundation in my kit anymore but I would use the Double Wear Light which is quite different.

Personally: It's way too matte on me and its like a whole extra layer on my skin that looks too obvious for my liking. I like a good coverage but just not this heavy or setting.

MUA opinion: I would use this foundation if the bride really wanted to because I get that it does last the best for some people. I would strongly recommend not to use it everyday because I have seen it give dry skin to people. I do think the flashback of it can be strong even though the SPF is low so I would advise on that too. Definitely a foundation for oiler skin and it will last very well if that's what you're most conscious of! 

Skin Types Most Suited To: Normal to oily. If you're very dry it will set into areas and if you use it very consistently over time it could cause dryness.

Check out our blog on the myths of flashback here.

Anyway I hope you enjoyed this intro f my thoughts on the foundations and let me know if you have any questions! They are my Top 5 Bridal Foundations for varying reasons! I hope you liked the edit!!

Lots of love, 

Aimee xx