The Best Bridal Lipsticks For Your Wedding Day

May 09, 2022

4 minutes Read

The Best Bridal Lipsticks For Your Wedding Day

There’s nothing more badass than a bride in a bold lip, but ultimately, it seems that modern day brides are looking for that one, timeless & classic nude lipstick shade that enhances their entire makeup look. 

Before we dive into our favourite shades, our ultimate tip and the thing we want you to remember the most is; 

Choose a lipstick you are comfortable wearing, and to do this,we recommend that you wear it at least 5 times before your big day. 

Comfortable being the key word here, ask yourself, ‘how does the lipstick feel when I first apply it?’ ‘How does the lipstick look after 1hr of wearing it?’, ‘ How does it feel after I eat & drink?’,  and of course,’ how does it feel after I kiss?’ (You might want to ask your other half this question too) 

Then you have to consider if the lipstick makes you feel comfortable in your own skin. Confidence is always the ultimate accessory, especially when you're going to have photos taken that will last a lifetime. You want to look and feel relaxed in your photos and if you’re too aware of your lips, chances are you’ll be pouting in ways you never knew you could. (And it might not look that good) 

Ask yourself ‘Is this a colour I would usually wear?’, ‘Does this colour compliment my skin tone?’, ‘Does it bring out my eyes?’, and most importantly ‘do I still look & feel like my best self?’ 

Next, trust the advice of your makeup artist. If you are someone who only wears one lipstick and are tied to it for your big day, that’s great, but you have to make sure the rest of your makeup compliments that shade and your makeup artist should be able to guide you through it. Ask about this at your trial so you have a chance to purchase the lipstick and wear it a couple of times before the wedding. 

Now to choose the lipstick type.. 

It goes without saying that a matte lipstick will last that little bit longer on the lips, so if longevity is what you wish for, go for something matte but just be sure to test wear it first as a matte lip can become quite uncomfortable after a couple of hours. 

In contrast to that, a glossy lipstick or lipgloss is going to wear off pretty quickly and it will also require a lot of top ups throughout the day. (Bridesmaid on standby!) 

The best advice we could give is to choose something in the middle, which would be a satin lipstick. A satin lipstick is usually creamy enough to keep the lips moisturised and comfortable, but not too creamy that it allows every hair, flower and piece of confetti to stick to it. It just leaves a healthy, perfected finish on the lips. 

Enter Sculpted By Aimee Lip Duo lipsticks. Not only are our Lip Duo’s the perfect formula to wear on your big day, they are also the ultimate handbag hero as they feature both your lip liner and lipstick in one. This means that any top ups you may need throughout the day are effortless. Due to their comfortably creamy formula and sheer handiness for top-ups, Lip Duo’s also make a great bridesmaid gift and they even give you the option to switch it up and transform your lip shade after your ceremony. How? By simply adding more of the liner side to deepen your look. 

Let’s talk nudes..

Pink Pair

Who doesn’t love a pinky nude? Pink Pair sits quite happily on the side of a pink shade and can double up as the perfect blush shade too. It features a deeper, rose toned lip liner on one side and a creamy pinky nude lipstick on the other, making it the perfect pink lip for a blushing bride. 


The classic 90’s nude. Bare is a brown-nude shade featuring a deep brown liner on one end and a creamy warm brown lipstick on the other. It’s subtle enough to be called a nude, but gives the perfect amount of colour for those who don’t love a pink lip. Bare looks especially  amazing on those with fair or deep skin. 


This is a universal soft-pink, nude lipstick and a favourite of many. It features a deep rose-brown liner and a lighter neutral pink lipstick. Naked is also quite versatile as you can build it up to be more of a statement lip by adding more of the liner side and placing the lipstick directly in the centre of the lips. 

Mauve Match 

The ultimate supermodel nude lip. Mauve Match was designed for those who like to keep their lips on the subtle side as it goes with almost every makeup look. Made up of a mauve brown liner on one side and a mauve pink lipstick on the other, it gives the impression of sexy, full bodied lips without being too distracting or loud.