Ski Gear Finds

February 15, 2019

3 minutes Read

Ski Gear Finds

I know I am very much on a ski theme here this week but I've had so many questions so this is the last blog and some of the gear that I had or recommend bringing with you! If you have to check out my tips before heading off skiing you can do so here. And if you're interested in St. Anton as a destination you can check out my blog on it here.

When it comes to Ski Gear take it in layers and start with

1) Ski Jackets: 

This is basically identical to the one that I wore on the slopes and I bought it over in Austria! You can find this here

Or you could go full white which is always lovely. You'll find that here

And then for a classic black jacket. The belt on these jackets is always very flattering to pull your waist in. Check this out here

And then for a full suit if you wanted? 

Comfy & quicker in the morning. Check this out here

Next up! Ski Pants 

I stuck with plain back ones that you'll see below because I wanted to be able to change my jackets up easily! These are here.

You could also add a splash of colour which is very popular on the slopes and it means you're easier to spot! These are here


And lastly good old black and white because as you see this is something I love! You'll find these pants here

3) Base Layers & Outer Jackets 

So like I said I would definitely be wearing a base layer/thermal/ skin under a zipper or fleece or thin jacket inside your ski jacket. Once you get there you can decide if you have too many layers but chances are you'll need them!  

Check this out here.

Hilarious enough this is actually a young boys skin but I bought the 10/11 and fit just like an 8/10 would! Check this out here

For outer jackets:

Keep it simple and classy in black. This is here.

Or you could choose lighter shades:

This beige/grey is here

And the baby blue is here

4) Leg Warmers! 

I personally choose layers that I'll get wear out of after skiing too so I prefer to keep to colours that I would wear anyway. These thermal leggings are here

And the black and white stripes are here

5) Next Up the Glasses!

I would definitely choose actual ski glasses over general sunglasses because they give better visibility and they clip onto your helmet too! The white Roxy pair are here

And the coloured pair are here

6) Gloves! 

Go for a skinnier pair so that you can use your phone if you want but I had to switch to thicker ones as it got so cold. I don't think mittens are very practical personally but a good thick glove will be like heaven up there! 

The fur collars gloves are here

And plain black with a tightening tie (this is very useful) are here

7) And lastly the Ski Buff. These are the fleece type that I preferred to plain material as I thought they gave more warmth. 

They come in so many different shades! The cream is here

And the black is here

Or you could do a full balaclava if you wanted to! The kind of scary looking balaclava is here, haha.

And lastly if you want to fit in night time and be a proper skier, snow boots go down a treat :) You can find these here.


So these are just some ideas to get you started and packing!

I hope this was helpful! 

Aimee xx