Makeup Ideas for Festival Season

August 23, 2023

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Festival season is in full swing and we’re loving it. The music hits all the right notes and our makeup stays on all day (and night!) long. Festivals are the perfect excuse to express yourself. And what better way to do that than through a fire makeup look? This time of year always sparks so much creativity with our makeup choices. That’s why we’ve put this article together to help inspire some festival makeup ideas to embrace this season. So buckle up, and let us introduce you to some of our favourite festival makeup looks right now.

Sculpted By Aimee team at a festival

But, let’s get the basics down first, right? No matter which festival you’re going to, you’ll need some must-haves in that makeup bag of yours. 

Festival Makeup Bag Must-Haves

We’ve been where you are and know how stressful packing can be. As well as your classic makeup products like foundation and blush, there are a few vital pieces you can’t risk leaving behind.

Below are our top five makeup and skincare products you need to take to your next festival. Trust us, you’ll thank us later!

Sun Protection

Honestly, do we even need to explain why this is at the top of our list? You know the drill, we know the drill.


Your festival bestie, our CloudCream. Festivals often involve alcohol, sun, and not the best night’s sleep. This is why you need to keep on top of moisturising your face and body. You’ll soon feel less than fabulous if you don’t keep your skin hydrated. So, top her up and party on!

Beauty Base

Where the magic begins – applying your priming base for the best festival makeup look you’ve ever done. Often, primers have SPF in them, too – so it’s a huge win when you know your face is primed and protected for the day. 

Applying our Beauty Base before your festival makeup means it’ll apply smoothly, stay on longer, and help control any excess oil or shine that could likely occur as you dance the night away.

Lip Balm

Your lips will likely need a little TLC while you’re partying. That’s where Lip Balm comes into play. As we’ve covered, being hydrated is key. Apply it regularly to rejuvenate your lips whenever you feel they’re looking or feeling dry for a peachy, hydrated finish.

Remember to drink plenty of water too. Our top five Makeup Bag products will do wonders, but if you’re enjoying the festival season in the sun – you’ll need water too. Your skin will thank you for it!

Festival Season Makeup Ideas

Without further ado, let’s feel inspired. Below are three of some of our favourite makeup looks for festival season…

The No Makeup, Makeup Look

No makeup makeup look

When we say we woke up like this, we’re lying. And that’s totally fine. Some days the no makeup, makeup look is exactly what you need. But how do you achieve that gorgeous dewy, hydrated look without looking like you spent an hour in the mirror? Well, you’ll need a good base, a light foundation, and a hydrating finish.

By using lightweight products, you’ll be able to achieve this simple yet effective look. Our favourite product for a no makeup, makeup look is the Tint & Glow. For a naturally dewy look, use our Tint & Glow to revitalise tired looking skin. 

Tint & Glow isn’t just a foundation or a simple moisturiser. It’s a multitasking tinted moisturiser with SPF and nourishing ingredients. Skin is left feeling naturally radiant and gives a gorgeous glowy complexion in seconds.

A Strong Red Lip

Ok, picture this, you’re in your red lip era, Taylor Swift style. You can’t go wrong. 

When creating that perfect red lip look<, we highly recommend you use a good lip balm as a base. It acts as a primer for your lipstick, meaning it’ll stay on longer and is less likely to appear dry as the day progresses. Pair red lipstick with deep bronze cheeks and a dark smokey eye for a fierce festival look.

Our favourite Sculpted products for this look have got to be the for your gorgeous base, followed by our Ruby Rouge Lip Duo.  

Ruby Rouge

The Golden Hour Look

The sun slowly sets on the festival, and your makeup still looks flawless. That’s the golden hour look. Choose a Bronzer with a warm undertone. Apply it to the areas of your face where the sun would naturally hit – your forehead, cheekbones, and jawline. 

Don't forget to blend it into your neck for a natural look. As for the , pick a gold tone to really bring out that golden hour glow. Apply it to the high points of your face –  your cheekbones, the bridge of your nose, your brow bone, and your cupid's bow. 

More Than Makeup 

We’re more than just a makeup brand. We’re blurring the lines between makeup and skincare. 

Each of our products has been developed to care for, protect, and enhance your skin. Discover more articles in the Sculpted Blog for makeup tips, skincare advice, and the best tutorials today. 

When it comes to putting your makeup bag together, you want to make sure you’ve got your shades spot on! That’s why we’ve put together some helpful tips on exactly that. 

We’re only a message away. Our makeup and skincare experts are happy to assist you via Instagram @sculptedbyaimee or Facebook DM. Or, email us at if you have any questions.

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Lots of love,

Aimee & Team xx

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