How to use Colour Correctors

January 28, 2022

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How to use Colour Correctors

If we haven’t caught enough sleep or are feeling any way unrested, you can be sure the first place that will show is under your eyes, but what some people don’t realise is that dark circles aren’t just caused by lack of sleep and that there are other factors that come into play. 

Dehydration is another cause of dark circles, when your body is dehydrated, the skin beneath your eyes can become dull and give a sunken appearance. By ensuring you get your daily recommended amount of water you can naturally help to reduce puffiness around the eye area. 

Other things like allergies and genetics can also contribute to that under-eye discolouration, so although it may seem as simple as getting more rest and drinking more water, for a lot of people that just won’t be enough.

So that’s where we come in..

Introducing our brand new Brighten Up Colour Correctors. These little pots of magic are designed for weightless under-eye brightening and correcting, and our formula blends effortlessly to instantly hide dark circles, hyperpigmentation, counteract shadows and soften the look of fine lines and imperfections. 

Packed with Good-For-You ingredients like niacinamide, which works to brighten & smooth the area, and jojoba seed oil to moisturise & also provide extra nourishment to the delicate skin that lives around our eyes, our colour correctors are the perfect ‘extra step’ towards achieving that perfect base. 

We have 4 creamy shades to choose from; 

Fair, Light, Medium & Deep and we admit, they might look a little intimidating at first due to their strong pigments, but you can rest assured that once you’ve chosen the right shade for you, they will blend effortlessly into the skin and give you that fresh-faced, well-rested look we all strive for. 


This is a pale pink toned corrector designed to counteract any discolouration on fair-light skin tones. It’s most powerful at cancelling out green, purple or blue shadows so it’s the perfect product to pop on before your concealer to really target any puffiness or pigmentation. Fair will not only help to counteract discolouration under the eyes but this shade also naturally adds brightness and can work wonders to cover age spots, sun spots and acne scarring for a fair skin tone.

If you wear a Second Skin shade between 0.5 & 2.9- then this shade should be perfect for you. To top it off, we recommend Brighten Up liquid concealer shades Shades ‘Blanc’, ‘Vanilla’ & ‘ivory’. 




Light is a gorgeous peach tone that will counteract any discolouration caused by blue or green tones on a light skin tone. This shade will target puffiness & dark circles and will leave just the right amount of brightness under the eyes. It can also be used too cancel our pigmentation from blemishes or the sun on the face, just make sure to apply it first, before your foundation & concealer to ensure a seamless blend. 

If you wear a Second Skin shade between 3.0 & 4.75, this shade should be perfect for you. Our suggested ‘Brighten Up’ liquid concealer shades for our ‘light’ colour corrector would be ‘Creme’, ‘Beige’, ‘Biscuit’ & ‘Golden’. 


Medium is an orange toned corrector designed for those with tan-rich skin tones. As darker skin contains more melanin, under-eye discolouration can become more prominent and harder to camouflage, therefore, a stronger colour is needed to counteract dark hues and to make sure the under eyes are left looking naturally bright, rather than intensely bright. 

This shade can also be used as a concealer base to even out pigmentation on the face, such as the mouth and chin area. It will blend easily into the skin, but for the most effective result, it will need to be covered with a concealer closer to the actual skin tone. 

If you wear a Second Skin shade between 5.0 & 6.8, then shade Medium is the best match for you. Our recommended Brighten Up Shades for this one would be ‘Honey’,’Sand’,  ‘Ginger’, ‘Cinnamon’ & ‘Caramel’. 




Deep is a blood orange/red toned corrector designed for those with deep-ebony skin. This shade is extremely effective when it comes to cancelling out pigmentation around the eyes, but also on the skin. Hyperpigmentation can be more common on a deeper skin tone and when this shade is applied to the affected areas, it works like a dream to even the skin tone back out again. 

P.S- it also looks great as blush! 

If you wear a Second Skin shade between 7.0 & 8.0, then Deep is the shade for you. For Brighten Up liquid concealer, we would recommend shades ‘Mocha’, ‘Hazelnut’, ‘Cocoa’ & ‘Coffee’. 

How to use: 

We’d always recommend prepping the skin and under-eye area with your favourite eye cream and primer. Then, before you apply your foundation and concealer, gently blend your Brighten Up Colour Corrector onto the areas that you want to cover. Focus the product on the darkest areas and avoid over-blending to areas that may not need correcting as this can reduce the effectiveness of how well the colour corrector targets the darker areas. 

You can apply with a brush, like our NEW! Concealer Duo brush, or tap it on with your fingertips. 

Finish by adding a layer of your Brighten Up liquid concealer in a shade close to your skin tone, and continue with foundation and the rest of your makeup routine.

We hope this was helpful and that colour correcting seems a little less intimidating. It may not be a part of your everyday routine, but it will certainly elevate your makeup when you need more coverage or more longevity out of your looks. 

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If you have any questions, be sure to drop us DM on instagram @ sculptedbyaimee and our team will do all that they can to help. 

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Lots of Love, 

Aimee & Team xx