How to Choose the Right Blush for You

April 08, 2022

3 minutes Read

How to Choose the Right Blush for You

When choosing a blush the biggest and most important thing is your preference above all else but we get it, sometimes you just want to know if you’re wearing the right shade!

Cream Luxe Blush

You can approach your blush as you would your skin tone and match to that. So look for warm / cool / neutral blush tones to match your corresponding skin tone. If this is still a little bit unclear for you why not match to your lip or lipstick for a complimentary pairing - this is one of Aimee’s favourite tips! And of course there will always be some key skin colour categories to go by, which we have detailed below.

It's worth noting that blush is a layering game and the power lies completely with you. For example, the smallest amount of the most pigmented blush in the world can still work wonders for the skin, even by choosing to wear it softly, and likewise, the same applies for a softer toned blush, you can really layer this up to your desired strength to get a more intense colour.  What we are trying to say here is that every blush is in some way customisable and you can use in whatever way suits you. 

Dusty Rose:

Dusty Rose is the ideal muted blush for those that don’t love a real “blush blush”, or prefer a subtle flush of colour. It has a neutral cool tone and is perfect on fairer skins. Dab a little onto the cheeks and you’ve got the perfect monochromatic look.

Given its neutral undertone it works on all complexions and with all eye colourings. 

Pink Supreme:

Pink Supreme is a cool undertone blush that works on fair to medium skin tones depending on the level of colour you want. It gives a soft pink flush of colour which is perfect for those that like a pink blush and you can build on it. Pink is also super complimentary on green, hazel & brown eyes given its in the red colour family! 

Peachy Pink:

Peachy Pink is the perfect peach / pink hybrid and has a warm undertone. This is the classic girl next door colour and works on fair to medium skin tones for a peachy flush of colour. You can also dab this onto the lips as with all! It’s particularly lovely on those with blue or brown eyes given it’s in the orange colour family.

Peach Pop:

Peach Pop is the quintessential pop of colour. It’s lovely on fair, medium and deeper skin tones depending on how you build or layer the colour. It has a warm undertone and again works particularly brilliantly with blue and brown eyes as it’s in the orange family. 

Plum Pink:

Plum Pink is a rich flush of deep pink which is perfect on deeper skins or on fairer / medium skins for those who like a bold blush. It has a cool undertone and is beautiful with green, Hazel & brown eyes in particular!

So whether you love a good pink or a peach, our advice would be to always consider your skin tone and eye colour, but ultimately when choosing your blush it's best to follow your heart and pick shade that makes you feel your best, whether that's within the 'rules' or not. 

Lots of Love, 

The Sculpted Team x