Face Primer: What It Is & How To Apply It

April 13, 2022

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Face Primer: What It Is & How To Apply It

Every true makeup lover knows the importance of having a face primer in your makeup routine, but do you know what primer is actually used for?

Beauty Base Face Primers

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What does a Face Primer do? 

A face primer is usually a product that goes underneath your foundation to help your makeup last longer, even out your skin tone and give an overall smoother makeup application.

Some primers will provide special benefits like oil control, whereas others can be designed to add a radiance-boosting glow, you choose the type depending on what it is your skin needs.

Many primers can simply be an extension of your skincare routine, like one that has SPF protection for example, and their job is to create a protective hybrid between your skincare routine and your makeup routine, to help prepare your skin for a face of makeup. Many people even choose to wear a face primer on its own, as a primer worn alone can help to even out the skin, take away dullness and blur the appearance of fine lines & wrinkles.

Tint & Glow and Beauty Base primer

Why do you need a Face Primer?

You need a face primer in your makeup bag if you desire an effortless, smooth complexion that is radiant with & without makeup. Depending on the type of primer you choose, you can get many skincare benefits from it too, which may cut down on the number of products you need to use in your morning skincare routine to achieve a fresh & presentable face for the day ahead.

If you struggle with makeup application, foundation application, in particular, a primer also ensures an easier application as it will smooth and blur your complexion leaving a blank canvas for foundation to glide onto.

What Face Primer will suit me best?

Although it can always come down to preference, you can still choose a primer based on your skin’s needs by following the tips below.

For Normal Skin - the world is your oyster, you can choose any primer you like based on how you want your skin to look.

For Dry Skin - look for hydrating ingredients and it’s always a good idea to find a primer that has added glow.

For Oily Skin - pick a primer that is going to help control oil and keep your skin shine-free throughout the day.

For Combination Skin - Try an oil-controlling primer on oily areas & a hydrating, glowing primer on normal or dry areas.

Beauty Base

Beauty Base is our all-in-one moisturising primer, designed as a one-stop product for moisturisation, SPF 30 protection & and an unbeatable glow.

We have three different shades of Beauty Base available, each one packed with our favourite Good-For-You ingredients like;

- Hyaluronic acid hydrates the skin
- Peptides for skin conditioning
- SPF30 for UVA & UVB broad-spectrum protection

The only difference with these primers is the tone of the glow, which we'll take a further look at below.

Just recently we have extended our Beauty Base primer family from three shade variants to now include, Beauty Base Protect & Beauty Base Oil Control.

How to choose your Beauty Base Primer:

Beauty Base Original - SPF30

Choose this if you like a lot of glow and prefer a golden tone on your skin.

Beauty Base Original

Beauty Base Pearl - SPF30

This one works best for those who like a subtle glow and prefer a pinky pearlescent glow on the skin.

Beauty Base Pearl

Beauty Base Rose Golden - SPF30

A hybrid of Original & Pearl, this one illuminates the skin with a rosy champagne glow.

Beauty Base Protect - SPF50

A brand new addition to the Beauty Base family, this one is for maximum SPF protection and contains a higher factor of SPF50. It comes in one universal shade without any shimmer and is suitable for all skin tones & types.

Beauty Base Protect

Beauty Base Oil Control

Another new addition and with this one we switched up the ingredients swapping out the glow for some oil-controlling ingredients like silicone polymers & salicylic acid. This one works best on oily skin types, or those prone to shine in the t-zone area. We recommend using it with another Beauty Base for a controlled, glowing complexion.

Beauty Base Oil Control

How to Apply Primer: 

Tip #1:

Apply after moisturiser (or instead of, depending on your skin type). 

Best applied using your fingertips, massage 2 pumps into the skin if just using as a primer, and massage 4 pumps after moisturiser for maximum SPF protection. 

Tip #2:

Use before or mixed in with foundation. Buff onto the skin using a foundation brush & use the same brush to apply your foundation on top. 

Or, try mixing a pump of Beauty Base into your foundation for a glowing, sheer coverage.

Tip #3:

Apply to selected areas.

For an oil controlling face primer like Beauty Base Oil Control, consider where you need to reduce shine and apply only on those areas. 

To add extra glow, try blending any Beauty Base primer across the décolletage, onto the shoulders, down the front of the legs and anywhere else that may be on show.

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Lots of Love,

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