Who we are

At Sculpted we are passionate about great quality and multi-use products that make you feel like the best version of you! Needless to say, we’re into goodness, we believe in being good to our skin and cruelty free with every ingredient we pack into our products. Looking and feeling our best shouldn’t take hours to achieve - we are all about simplifying our makeup routines while evoking your inner glowing goddess in everything we do!

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We're a beauty brand on a mission

To make it quick and easy to find your glow, with just a few good products you totally love and know how to use.

Aimee’s love of makeup
started young...

At two years old, Aimee was already stealing her Mum’s red lipstick. By 18, she was Ireland’s leading makeup artist. And by 23, she’d single-handedly launched her own award-winning beauty brand.

Aimee spent years learning everything there is to know about makeup and most importantly what real people want from it. From sitting with customers, to listening to their concerns she understood that people don’t want to spend ages perfecting their makeup with a huge pile of products, nor should they. They want to feel fantastic in five minutes with a few products they trust. So, she created a beauty brand that does just that.

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Everyone welcome, always.

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Logo ImageWe are leaping bunny approved.

Literally obsessed by quality.

Seen the Leaping Bunny certification on all our products? That’s because we travel the globe in search of the very best ingredients.

If they’re not good for your skin, kind to the planet and cruelty-free, we don’t touch them. From South Korea to all over Europe, Aimee and the team visit the factories to see everything first-hand. When it comes to ingredients, we won’t compromise.

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Quick Tip

“Apply a little, very easily, and feel great. It doesn’t have to be more complicated than that.”

Aimee x