Benefits Of Adding Double Cleansing To Your Skincare Routine

March 28, 2024

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Benefits Of Adding Double Cleansing To Your Skincare Routine

Benefits Of Adding Double Cleansing To Your Skincare Routine

According to The Dirty Skincare Report (our state of the nation skincare survey where almost 3,000 of you revealed to us your nail-bitingly bad skincare habits) 53.8% of those asked are already double cleansing (high-five to you guys!) However, we’d like to see more of you benefit from a two-step cleansing routine. 

While some of us invest time and effort applying all sorts of lotions, potions and masks on our faces, cleansing can sometimes be overlooked, often seen as a rushed habit at the end of the day, rather than something of significance. 

However, ask any dermatologist or skincare expert what the most important part of a skincare regime is, and cleansing will be the step they enthuse about the most. 

"Double cleansing is a ritual I stand by for all my patients,” says Julie Scott of Facial Aesthetics. “The initial cleanse essentially clears the canvas, and then the second cleanse goes deeper, and is tailored to individual skin needs - it's here we address specific concerns.”

Cleansing properly is essential for healthy, glowing skin, and the best way to achieve this is with a double cleanse, agrees Aimee. “It removes the build-up of dirt, oil and makeup and keeps your skin looking fabulous!”

What is double cleansing?

A double cleanse is basically just that, and is the most beneficial face-washing technique. This two-step routine was initially the foundation of most Korean skincare.

It uses two different types of cleansers; the first to break down SPF, makeup and daily dirt accumulated on your skin’s surface, followed by a deeper cleanse to target impurities within your pores. 

Double cleansing each evening will brighten your skin tone by sloughing away dead skin cells and keep moisture levels harmonised. 

Introducing DuoCleanse

Double cleansing may seem a bit of a faff at first, but a couple of extra minutes can make a world of difference when it comes to skincare, and cleansing doesn’t have to be difficult. In fact, Sculpted by Aimee has made it even easier. 

Like a lot of us, Aimee is pretty time-poor due to juggling her busy schedule, and will admit to having used face wipes in the past, until she realised the impact they had on her face and the environment. 

So she has created DuoCleanse, making double-cleansing super simple by combining two cleansers in one component. “It’s kinder to your skin and adds additional benefits thanks to the addition of active ingredients such as Vitamin C, Salicylic Acid and Glycolic Acid ensuring you find the perfect formula to suit your skin type,” says Aimee.

Is it that bad to sleep in your makeup?

We’ve all been there at some point, sloping straight into bed after a heavy night without a second thought of washing makeup off. (Even Aimee admits to sleeping in her makeup on a few occasions, “but each time I woke up with some form of breakout!”) 

Once in a blue moon can be forgiven, but skipping a two-step cleanse too regularly can be detrimental to your skin. 

“Not only are you clogging your pores, which essentially leads to blackheads and breakouts, but you’re also allowing the day’s dirt and bacteria to sit and penetrate into the skin. This combination will not just lead to spots but also lacklustre and congested-looking skin,” explains says Ross Perry, medical director of Cosmedics skin clinics. 

Benefits of double cleansing

  • Your makeup is only as good as your skincare is. Creating a healthy canvas for it to sit on by double cleansing and using quality skincare products will ensure that makeup glides on more smoothly, and gives a professional-looking, longer-lasting finish.
  • A balanced complexion is a healthy and happy one. Double cleansing will encourage this by stabilising the production of sebum and eliminating impurities from your skin that can clog pores, meaning less chances of spots appearing.
  • Because double cleansing intensely cleans and confidently rids your skin of any nasties, it allows other skin care products, such as serums and moisturisers to penetrate easier into your skin, meaning they will work more effectively. 
  • Pollution can put a real dampener on your skin as those tiny particles sneak into pores and once there, are hard to vacate and can cause all types of skin issues, like destroying collagen and inflammation. A thorough two-step cleanse will prevent this. 
  • If skin texture and tone are bothersome to your skin, regular evening double cleansing will dramatically improve your skin’s appearance by removing build up of dead skin cells, yucky pollutant particles and oil. 

Who should double cleanse?

Everyone! But in particular, those who would gain most from double cleansing are those who live in a polluted climate, such as a city with lots of traffic, as dirt and grim hanging about on your skin can cause congestion. And for a similar reason, if you wear a lot of sunscreen, as these can leave deposits that are difficult to remove. If you wear a lot of foundation and powders, double cleansing can safeguard against sebum-related blemishes. 

When to double cleanse?

You can just opt for a singular cleanse in the morning, but ideally you should double-up every evening, especially if you have worn sunscreen and full makeup. And according to The Dirty Skincare Report it appears that 47.3% of those asked did not cleanse their skin post exercising, which could be aggravating your skin. “My dermatologist always tells me about the importance of cleansing after a sweaty workout session to prevent breakouts,” explains Aimee. “I’m pretty active, so I always carry a DuoCleanse in my gym bag to make sure sweat doesn’t accumulate and cause blemishes.”

More than just a cleanse 

Think of your cleansing routine more as a ritual than a chore. It’s a valuable few moments for some selfcare. “Transform your evening cleanse into a moment of mindfulness,” says reflexologist, Daisy Robinson. “A gentle face massage will encourage you to unwind and a reminder to begin to switch off from the day. Inhale the aroma as you massage to boost circulation and detoxify your skin.”

Which Sculpted by Aimee DuoCleanse is right for you?

Easily adaptable to your skin and its needs, this clever double-cleansing system includes a gentle base cleanser, paired with your choice of one of three targeted formulas.

Cleanse & Brighten

Brighten up your beauty routine with this two-step cleansing routine that effectively removes impurities while adding luminosity to the skin. Begin with the Gentle Cleanser, a hydrating formula that effortlessly removes makeup and sunscreen. Next, improve your skin’s radiance and tone with the glow-boosting Brightening Cleanser, formulated with Vitamin C to help improve the appearance of dark spots and improve skin texture. Best for: Normal to oily skin, suitable for sensitive skin. 

Cleanse & Exfoliate

Want gorgeous, glowing skin the easy way? This two-step cleansing routine effectively removes impurities while promoting cell regeneration for enhanced luminosity. Begin with the Gentle Cleanser to remove any makeup or sunscreen. Then, apply the Exfoliating Cleanser to help encourage cell turnover and renew the skin’s surface, revealing radiant, glass-like skin. Best for: Balanced, oily, combination or dry skin. Suitable for most skin types. 

Cleanse & Clarify 

Say hello to clearer skin with this two-step cleansing routine, designed to effectively remove impurities and reduce congestion. Begin with the hydrating Gentle Cleanser to effortlessly remove makeup and sunscreen without stripping your skin. Then, target blemishes and blocked pores with the Clarifying Cleanser. Powered by 2% Salicylic Acid this advanced formula helps to reduce the appearance of blackheads, calm existing spots, and prevent future breakouts. Best for: Oily, congested or blemish-prone skin. 



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