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250 points = €5 off
450 points = €10 off
600 points = €20 off

Earn sculpted points every time you shop and redeem a discount off your next purchase.

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What are Sculpt Points?

Sculpt Points is a rewards programme, that lets you earn points on all your full price purchases and redeem those points for rewards.

How do I earn Sculpt Points?

For every Euro you spend on full product purchases (excluding events, courses, makeup bookings and masterclasses) on as a registered account holder, you receive 5 Sculpt points towards your points total. We also offer 10 Sculpt Points for reviews on products that you have purchased.

How do I redeem Rewards?

When visiting, you will see the Sculpt Points tab in the bottom right corner. After logging in you will see your points balance and will be able to redeem a reward for a tier if you have enough points. When you add €30 worth of product to your cart you can redeem a discount. Cart values under €30 are not eligible.

Can I return Rewards?

Unfortunately, Rewards may not be returned or exchanged for points or cash, for another product, gift card, or e-giftcard.
Terms & Conditions: Only redeemable online. You must be registered in order to redeem rewards. Offer must be used within 1 year of redeeming. Claim your reward to redeem and receive a discount code. Discount applies to the total order.Discount cannot be part-redeemed. Full discount value is redeemed when used even if the cart total is less than the discount value. Rewards are not redeemable on Makeup Bookings, Courses, Masterclasses and Events.


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