New Product Testing Campaign

Be the first to try our new product!

We're looking for people of all ages, colourings and skin types (including sensitive skin, acne prone or those with rosacea) to get involved in our next product launch which is top secret.

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We want you to try it out before it hits the market, give us your feedback and be involved in our launch campaign!

There are two aspects to the campaign that you can get involved with. 

A. The first is testing our new product on site at the Sculpted head office. In order to get involved you would need to be available to come to Dublin on the 4th/5th or 7th/8th of June to take pictures, film or just have the chats on the product - more will be revealed as we meet with you.

B. The second part is taking part in the social elements of our testing campaign. Would you be comfortable trying out the product before anyone else and sending us your before and after images that we can use on the Sculpted by Aimee digital channels? 

Just so you know, you will need to sign a NDA to participate in any part of the campaign as this is top secret stuff. :)

To get involved please fill out the form below. In the form you can select which part of the campaign you would like to participate in. We will need you to attach your photo so we can be sure that we are selecting a diverse group of people with different skin types, colourings and conditions for the campaign. 

We look forward to seeing your entries and will be in touch shortly once we have selected the lucky individuals!