Full Face Edit:

Say hello to your new handbag must-have!

In this, you have a powder bronzer, highlight and blusher along with 2 eyeshadows. The great news? All 5 can be used on the eyes. Take a big blending brush - we recommend our Blender brush - and pop the bronzer into your socket/crease and blend all over the eye. The same goes for the powder highlight, this looks great around the tear duct for a quick eye pop!

 You'll notice we have a cream tint in the centre, this is beautiful on the apple's of the cheeks or on the lips. Just tap it on with your fingers.

 The last tip we wanted to share with you guys which is quick and easy is with our matte brown shadow. You don't just have to use this for a big smokey eye, it looks great as a liner on the lash line! Take a small brush - we recommend our Definer brush or something of that size - and just place some of the brown shadow into the upper lash liner and under the eyes also.

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