Medium Beige

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Second Skin
& Concealer Match

Porcelain 1.0 Vanilla Porcelain 1.0
Fair 2.0 Vanilla / Ivory Fair 2.0
Fair Plus 2.5 Vanilla / Ivory Fair Plus 2.5
Fair Golden 2.75 Ivory Fair Plus 2.5
Light 3.0 Ivory / Beige Light 3.0
Light Plus 3.5 Ivory / Beige Light Plus 3.5
Light Golden 3.5 Beige Light Plus 3.5
Medium 4.0 Golden / Sand Medium 4.0
Medium Plus 4.5 Golden / Sand Medium Plus 4.5
Medium Beige 4.75 Golden Medium Plus 4.5
Tan 5.0 Golden / Sand Tan 5.0
Tan Plus 5.5 Sand Tan 5.0
Tan Beige 5.75 Caramel Tan 5.0
Rich 6.0 Caramel / Cocoa Rich 6.0
Rich Golden 6.75 Caramel Coming Soon
Deep 7.0 Cocoa Coming Soon
Ebony 8.0 Cocoa Coming Soon

Second Skin Shade Comparisons

Porcelain NW10, NC10 1C Albatross, Ivory Nude Mont Blanc (but paler than this) - 1 51 (but paler than this)
Fair NC15 2C Bone, Sand Gobi Fair 2 51
Fair Plus NW13, NW15 3W Pale Almond, Ecru Fiji Fair Light 3.5 53 (but lighter than this)
Fair Golden NC15 2N 1N2,Sand Mont Blanc Fair Light 4 52
Light NW20 4W Dawn, Pure Beige Santa Fea, Vienna Light Medium 4/4.5 53
Light Plus NC20 5N Desert Beige (but not as yellow) Punjab Light 5/5.5 54
Light Golden NC20 5.5N Desert Beige Deauville, Punjab Light 5/5.5 54
Medium NC25 6N Rattan, Cashew Stromboli Medium 6 55
Medium Plus NC30, NC37 7.5W Tawny, Cashew, Barcelona Neutral Medium, Medium 6.25/6.5 55
Medium Beige NW25 7W Ivory Beige, Fresco, Pale Almond Vallauris Neutral Tan, Tan 5.5 55
Tan NW25 (but more neutral than this), NW30 8C Tawny, Pebble Barcelona (but more neutral) Tan 7 56
Tan Plus NC44 9C Wheat, Toasty Toffee Tahoe Rich 8
Tan Beige NC45 9W Bronze Cadiz Rich Honey 8.5 & 9
Rich NW45 10 Sandalwood Belem Deep 11
Rich Golden NC50 11 Truffle Macao 10
Deep NW50 12 Sepia Caracas 13
Ebony NW58 15W Rich Mahogany Khartoum

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